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Simplify fundraising for your school or team with our EASY and HASSLE-FREE custom online apparel store, turning every swag item into a canvas for success. Our custom online stores not only amplify team spirit but also provide a seamless tool for fundraising initiatives, making every sale a step towards achieving your organization's goals.

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  • Custom Online Stores

    Discover a new way to support your school or team with your very own custom online store. Sell spirit wear or host an apparel sale fundraiser to support your mission!

  • Bulk Apparel Orders

    Elevate your school or team events with our bulk printed apparel. Create a cohesive and unifying look that represents your organization's unique identity!

  • Fundraising Made Easy

    Simplify fundraising with our custom online stores, where we take care of everything from printing to inventory to shipping, making the process effortless for you and helping you achieve your fundraising goals!

  • Build Team Spirit

    Foster team spirit and unity with our custom online stores, creating a sense of pride for students, staff, players, coaches, and parents. Custom spirit wear brings everyone together!

  • Save Time

    Your time matters! Our online stores are customized to handle all the details and logistics of spirit wear sales, so you can focus on what you do best.

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Customer Story

“We have offered spirit wear to our students and families for years, and we’ve struggled with ordering and delivery systems. Partnering with Brand Splash Apparel as our spirit wear provider has created a seamless ordering and delivery system for our families. Our families and staff have loved the quality and prices of what we are now able to offer.”

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